Tips For Storing Coroplast Signs

A-Frame Coroplast Signs are a great way to advertise regular or seasonal specials. They can also be used as a political campaign sign. While the material is lightweight, it can be susceptible to weather conditions, so it is important to store them properly. While they are strong and durable, they can also bend and crack when placed outside in direct sunlight for long periods of time. A few tips for storing your signs safely are listed below.

Coroplast Signs

Store your coroplast signs upright and flat when not in use. Do not stack them on top of boxes or stack them on the floor. Keep them out of direct sunlight, as UV rays can weaken the material. When not in use, clean your coroplast signage by rinsing off any dirt or moisture. Then, wipe it dry. Remember to store it upright and out of direct sunlight. After a few months, you can store it for another three to six months.

If you are trying to paint your coroplast sign, you will want to consider how you intend to hang it. Since coroplast is a plastic material, painting it may be a challenge. While you can use a brush to apply paint, it will most likely peel off and will not look as professional as some other options. And, while coroplast is not as sophisticated looking as other types of signs, it is much cheaper to purchase compared to many other materials.

Lastly, be sure to wipe down your coroplast sign after use. It will be susceptible to dirt and moisture over time, which is why it is important to wipe it down after every use. A simple light wipe down should do the trick. You don’t need to buy special cleaner or abrasive to get it clean. Simply use soap and water. This will make sure that your coroplast sign looks its best. You may also visit Boise Print Shop in Idaho for a highly trained and experienced professionals to help you.

Using coroplast signs can be a great way to promote your business. They can be used indoors and outdoors, and they have a long life. They can be used for trade show displays, outdoor events, and more. A large majority of them are made of coroplast. They are lightweight and easy to transport. A coroplast sign is ideal for displaying your business information in a variety of locations, and they can be placed anywhere you want.

After a long day at the office, you can clean your coroplast sign by hand. You can use a soft-bristled brush to clean your sign and apply a thin layer of soap to the sign’s surface. Then, wipe it dry. If the weather isn’t conducive to cleaning coroplast, it is better to remove it and store it in a secure place. Aside from keeping the sign indoors, it can be used for outdoor events.

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