Choosing the Right Type of Vinyl Sign Material

When you are constructing a custom vinyl sign, you want to be sure to choose the right type of material. There are many advantages to cast PVC over calendered PVC. Cast PVC is a higher-quality product that can last for a longer time outdoors. Calendered PVC is a lower-quality material. In addition to the quality of cast PVC, there are also other benefits to mesh and reflective vinyl.

Translucent vinyl allows light to pass through

Backlit signs are another popular use for translucent vinyl. These signs allow light to pass through, creating a glowing effect. This vinyl type can be used indoors and outdoors for a variety of different applications. It is also used for light boxes, window graphics, directional signs, and more. Often, backlit decals are applied to windows. Backlit signs are especially useful for a variety of interior decoration needs.

Cast PVC is better-quality than calendered PVC

The first question that arises is whether cast PVC is better than calendered PVC. Calendered PVC is created by melting the same raw materials used in cast PVC. This process yields a thinner and more brittle film, but is still suitable for a variety of applications. Calendered PVC is cheaper to produce than cast PVC, and requires no molds or solvents. However, it has a shorter service life than cast PVC.

Mesh vinyl allows light to pass through

Whether you are creating a banner for your business, or simply want to advertise a product or service, you should consider using mesh or vinyl. The choice between vinyl and mesh will depend on how much you want the banner to impact viewers and where it will be displayed. A good rule of thumb is to choose a mesh material that allows light to pass through. You may want to use vinyl for the front and mesh for the back, and then determine how many times it will be displayed.

Reflective vinyl reflects artificial light

The majority of vinyl sign material is reflective, but some types are better than others. Unlike most types of sign material, reflective vinyl is not a PVC compound, and it is made from a translucent acrylic resin that reflects light through beads and prisms. Although reflective vinyl does reflect light, it is still prone to fading and is not ideal for fleet applications. In order to reduce the appearance of your vinyl sign, you should check the fading potential.

Mesh vinyl is easy to hang

Mesh vinyl signs are a great option for outdoor banners. Their perforations allow light and air to pass through while still providing a solid surface to read. They are also an excellent choice for locations where wind may cause billowing. This makes mesh vinyl signs easy to hang. Readability is also important because of their lightweight construction. Mesh vinyl signs are easy to hang and can be hung on any surface, including buildings and fences. To find out more about vinyl sign ask signage shop around you for more details.

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